Olivia Rodrigo-Drivers License

Really liked Drivers License but can’t get on board with the album. Feels like a load of Melodrama b sides.

Good For You is a banger and Driver’s License is decent. Not sure I need to hear the rest ever again (but would be happy to be proven wrong)

I have listened to SOUR about 5 times a day for the last week. I think it’s amazing. I had absolutely no idea she was a mega star number one artist before I heard the album. Never even heard driver’s license.

Never heard of her before this thread but I think she’s great. Deja Vu is wonderful - are other pop producers ripping off MGMT/Dave Fridmann’s production? Feels like they should be. The big hits are great too. Will probably be bored of it in a few weeks time but really enjoying it for now.