Olivia Rodrigo

I agree with you overall, but think Teenage Dream works in this way too. Starts like the rest of her ballads but a big ending really elevates it

Listening to the new one now, some great stuff in this. Will definitely be returning to it.


Thought the debut album was really much of nothing - this one does a lot more for me BUT BUT BUT BUT its a bit of a mess isnt it? Feels like its kinda made by committee - covering the balladry stuff she was known for and getting involved in the pop punk revival simultaniously - both are done well though the pop punk stuff is for the most part the highlight for me hopping back n forth like that makes the album an inconsistent listen, especially as were apparently hopping back to the same ballad - a lot more creativity is needed there. Probably one where I end up grabbing a handful of tracks and throw into my fav playlist seems the way to go as an album it doesnt work

Growing in me tbh

Think only Logical is a skip from the ballads for me, all the rest have some cool textures or crescendos to them - and all the loud tracks are straight up bangers

its official - get him back! is The Song of the Delayed Summer 2023



Very interested to see what venue size she plays

She feels massive to me but then again Lorde was only at Academy level on the Melodrama tour

OR at Barras??

Those supports :grin:

Nah shes big, arenas deffo.


UK dates:

Fri 03 May Manchester, UK Co-op Live
Tue 07 May Glasgow, Scotland OVO Hydro
Fri 10 May Birmingham, UK Utilita Arena
Tue 14 May London, UK The O2
Wed 15 May London, UK The O2

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Olivia clearly knowing something about Scottish independence in 2024 that the rest of us dont


Omg finally somebody proper at Co-op Live

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All arena names are crap but Im sorry, thats an especially funny one


Sounds like a BYOB DIY space


wth is co-op live

The Breeders?!

should I listen to Rodders then or

  • yes (enthusiastic)
  • yes (middling)
  • nah
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yeah shes good imo

you can do it right now please


oh wow okay I will then

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The new album is some fine ballads, some very good mid paced stuff and some GREAT FUN pop punk bangers

Its the Victoria Warehouse of Manchesters arena sector its next to Eastlands

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