Olivia Rodrigo

listening to vampire

its sort of good, but its also making me feel old/tired

bad idea, right now. feeling less old, also hearing why shes got The Breeders on the road with her


Like the VW its out of town which is a pain, but unlike VW its a purpose built peformance space, everything Ive seen of it looks like itll genuinely be a step up from the MEN. Cant catch a train home from it, but thanks to how shit the trains are in this country I cant catch a train home from MEN either, so youre all trapped in here with me.

prolly not for me, this, gonna revert back to listening to Sinead OConnors sad ones on repeat

like it wouldnt have been for me when I was a kid or a younger adult

its not even opened yet! thought id slept through a massive arena existing

you think you know someone and then you find out they dont like pop punk bangers


  • im happy to go to a gig full of children
  • i would likely experience mental collapse
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Will probably try and take my niece to one of these for her birthday. It will be a mortifying experience for her.


Uncle: loves emBARRASSING AS hell


New Girl Facepalm GIF by HULU


Never heard of Chappell Roan but those other three support slots are freakin awesome!

Chappell Roans p good


When its finished itll be the biggest arena in the UK :open_mouth:

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Resale registration link


Big lol at this

Well the Breeders support sets are going to be half people who look like Olivia Rodrigos bezzies and half like the Real Slim Shady video but where all the Eminems look like Lamacq :sweat_smile:

I am a man of 38 who hates fun, but I would love to go to the Manchester gig, shes done some great stuff, especially the gigantic pop-punk bangers with amazing production. Im a big fan of Remi Wolf too - plenty of her lyrics are probably not suitable for children though, and as for the name of her fanbase :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Explanation of the origin of Remjobs (sigh)

Remi Wolf was so, so good at Primavera last year. Big band, loads of energy and infectious fun

Edit: the set is online and it seems I just imagined that she had a big band. Still the other two things are true

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Somebodys just pointed out that it looks a lot like she could be headlining Glastonbury as a cap off to the European dates.


Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl has stolen some guitar parts from Bagged by Drug Church and I LOVE IT.

Just preregistered (in the hope of taking my daughter) and its showing 4 nights at the O2 now.

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