Olivia Rodrigo

Yeah Ive clearly underestimated the level shes operating at lol

I really need to persuade my daughter to start liking some artists who arent fan exploiting capitalist bastards.


Just get her to flall out of favour with taylor swift and thatll free up enough finances to send her to uni iabd rent modern 1 bed flat for the whole course.

There might be a photo of her on the backdrop. Thats just like getting an actual photo with her, right?

Dont know how this has happened, but got bumped up from the wait list earlier, sale restarted at 12, went via ticket factory for Birmingham rather than TM, was about 1700 in the queue, it went really quickly so assumed negative, but got 2 standing for (an obviously still expensive but reasonable given gig prices now) 瞿89 each.

Im going to be in the standing behind the sound tower, in the listen to the album on your headphones VIP section or something arent I.


I just got bumped for London! Manchester was my daughters email account where she missed out. London was mine and just managed to get tickets for the Tuesday at the 02 瞿167 each :tired_face:
Fuck my life! Daughter is buzzing though! :sob:


There is a backing vocal in the verse of Get him back at about 30 seconds that reminded me of another song, and it was driving me crazy.

It sounds somewhat like the Fruscantie backing vocals in Cant Stop!

Good song though