Olly Murs - Grow Up


Out today…I like it a lot! Not his best but not bad at all

What do we think?

I like it a lot. I like that he’s gone for a more mature sound this time round and not those cheeky pop numbers as per usual and it’s obviously a break up album this time. Very brave not being on the album or single covers too. Radio will eat up as usual. Cue XF performance etc etc.


Probably the record of the year for me. The production is stunning and the arrangements throughout show a real maturity to his songwriting craft.
Defintely much better than yer man Bon Iver’s appalling record.


Kiss @smee like you mean it


Yeah, but can he come onstage to a sold out audience?


Good point, well made! :slight_smile:


That dear darling please excuse my writing is a good song

Just a shit robbie though