Omelette Chat

What do you put in yours?

How many eggs do you use?

  • 2 egger
  • 3 egger
  • 4 egger
  • More egger

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Really fancy an omelette

Never had one

  • Just eggs and seasoning
  • I put milk or cream or other crap in it, I’m an idiot

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Best single ingredient

  • Ham
  • Cheese
  • Mushroom
  • Onion
  • Bacon
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Other

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Milk in scrambled or omlette is just to make the mixture go further apparently so anyone adding it, unless you only have 1 or 2 eggs left, is for sure an idiot

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Knew you wouldn’t let me down

Omelette you finish

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3 egger serves 2.

2 egger if just for me.

My mother in law used to make them in the microwave, and they were surprisingly OK.


Just got back from the gym and made an omelette and thought “I’ll eat that in while I browse the internet”. And lo and behold. A thread about them.

3 eggs, dash of milk just 'cos there was a tiny bit leftover from my coffee, spinach, red onion, Tabasco. It’s alright.


Never made one but as a food network addict can confirm Gordo Rammer uses creme fraiche & chives, sounds boke, while Big Jim Oliver just sprinkles cheese when it’s half done on each side.


I once had a six egg omelette. It was way too many eggs.


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Hi Tone, do you think 4 or 5 eggs would also be too many?

Nah. I’m still hungry after that 3 egger. Maybe if you had it with a side side. Couple of potato waffles or something.

I know you’re not asking me, but I think 4 would be spot on. Not sure about healthiness though. Isn’t three meant to be the limit what with cholesterol and that?

4 is probably just about acceptable. 5 is too many.

But in that case it means you can make your omelette to your appetite if X eggs is not enough, but Y eggs is too many.


Oooh waffles yes. I have toast on the side, 2 slices with marmite.

When does it stop being an omlette and start being a frittata? My colleague says you have to grill it off at the end for it to be a frittata, but they’re an idiot, it’s depth-dependent. Don’t @ me.

I’m so hyped up about omelette rn