hi gang.

got some salmon :fish:

what you got going on?

Just ate my leftover pasta. Still hungry so chomping some almonds.

Got accidentally sent a 2nd parcel from an online order from Sass and Belle which contained this.



Guess how much this should have cost in total w/P&P

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what’s big in canadia at the moment? figured they all just watched hockey and nothing else

I’ve mocked up an invoice for someone down south to prove it.

Found this prick next to our laundry basket in the basement. Don’t feel safe in my own home anymore :anguished:


I think they watch that show Due South with the nice mountie.


About to drive from Leeds to Guildford for a wedding tomorrow.

ah he’s alright, probably just came to say hi

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Don’t want to influence the poll.

but it’s more than the current average

Slugs do? Did not know that.

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Was barefoot and the basket is in a very dark corner. Was a couple of inches away from squishing it :grimacing:

Ffs responding to @Bamnan

when I used to do my paper round, I remember finding a big snail in my big yeller paper bag (also I’d leave really early in the morning when the streets were paved with the buggers)

Ooh aaaalso, in our student house we’d come into the living room in the night and there’d be three or four slugs hanging out (one REALLY absolutely incredibly scarily big one, honestly). But not if we were staying up in the living room. So we think the slugs were shy

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just reading up on molluscs on wikipedia now, they’re a crazy bunch!


Want to form a band called Molluscs on Wikipedia and put this quote on our posters



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Waiting for Mike to get home so we can maybe ride bikes. I truly cannot be fucked though.

Just had two bits of peanut butter on toast.

listened to Cryptograms for the first time today

been out of the loop re: Deerhunter for too long

Got my parents here. They’ve just got us a cotbed which is lovely. They’re off in a sec then we’re doing fajitas