Yes just got all 6


I liked the frog:(

Done on my phone so excuse the rubbish drawings


Ohh it just shares the link not pictures. And now the link is gone :hushed: I got 5 out of 6 because they didn’t like my frog


Oh it’s back
Wish I could edit sorry for all the posts


Ah you’ve just reminded me of iSketch!


Asparagus was touch and go (wasn’t really sure what it looked like off the top of my head). Used a mouse.


I wasn’t 100% sure what an anvil was so drew a cock and balls… thought it was a toe.



Just had to draw ‘Elephant’ and it took me a minute to realise that people who saw my screen might think I was drawing a giant cock and balls


'kin 'ell how am I meant to do this?


Surely the challenge is to draw everything as a cock and balls yet convince the AI that its the thing its after


I thought last night ‘I bet there are people out there that want to ruin this by drawing a cock everytime’. Congratulations.


Sorry delete this. Dont think its NSFW but it might be so best just get rid (flagged it)




How did it get that beard or binoculars. Pathetic.


mouse went weird and i had a panic attack trying to draw necklace, they gave me a circle to calm me down


browser/trackpad lag made it infuriating


btw, it thought the birthday cake was ‘cake’


More serious attempt. I enjoy trying to get it a simple as humanly possible. Of course the Mona Lisa put a spanner in the works. My first 6/6!