OMG YES! I am so lucky!




Dear PayPal, Please can you lend me £8k for a new wardrobe. Best, Balonz.


I want that silver greenhouse


wow what are the chances!?!

(i got this too)


Got to say that has taken the sheen off it a bit but congratulations nonetheless.


maybe we are both just having a VERY lucky day


I almost won the euromillions earlier this week, but none of the numbers on my ticket matched what came out of the machine.


You were robbed.



Woah! I also got chosen for this. I imagine its only being rolled out to a very select group, we are all very lucky.


Meh. had this a few months back. You guys must be the second cohort; less special than you thought.




I’d be concerned that they know your DiS username.


Actually Paypal mentioned this, and that they deliberately wanted their favourite customers to be in the second cohort. To put it in their words

First the worst
Second the best


This can’t be real. No one is that lucky.


lucky lucky lucky