• Dark Mode
  • graceful
  • P!nk
  • Vincent
  • Dirty Yellow
  • Grey Skull
  • Standard Colours

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It’s graceful as fuck isn’t it


That was my first attempt at replicating the old site and making something to help with dyslexia (apparently yellow is far better to read on than white)


How so?

It really is

I want to make a theme. That is my dream job.

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Oh yeah. Good point. I work with someone and we make sure to put some yellow paper in his pigeon hole cause it’s better for him than white.

I feel like some avatars will work better as circles, and some as rounded squares. Some previous favourites might not look as good depending on what settings the viewer has, think it’s introduced an element of chaos to it.

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Oh, didn’t realise it changed the shape. Greyskull 4 lyf so I haven’t seen the other one.

In the polls they’ll be mostly square anyway because that is what you get when you go to the image source.

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Vincent could be good if @sean has the time to change the colour of the logos for that theme!!

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Yeah the font is lovely but all the dark mode wanker stuff isn’t

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Oh right, well for reference this is what I see:

Forgot about that, good point

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The rounded squares are very disconcerting.

I’ll take a look in a bit. Not got any plans this weekend beyond some DiS admin and writing.

Lemme know is there are any other minor tweaks to any themes I can look into.

Are new themes why mine has changed itself to dark mode as if i were some sort of edgy teen?


Vincent is a lovely colour scheme. I feel like I’m an ocean creature.


Yes, Sean has set it as the new default

Makes me feel like an important businessman