Omni - Multi-task

New Omni album out in September.

Love this band. I think Deluxe was my favourite album of last year, it was definitely my most listened to. Really enjoyed their show at the Shacklewell Arms earlier this year, and their Fever Bass 7 inch is well worth a listen too.

UK tour around the time of album release. Just got a pair of tickets for Moth Club.

Couldn’t get into Deluxe on first listen, but I’ll definitely give it another go before they play EOTR

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New one:

Deluxe probably my most listened to album of the last year, it really is incredible. Couldn’t make their last Tour in February-ish, so really excited to see them at End of the Road next week.

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New album streaming here:

They were excellent at Moth Club on Monday night, they’ve really come along as performers in the seven months since I saw them in February. Set was looser and there was more energy on stage. They played for 50 minutes and got through 16 tunes, what more could you ask for.

Picked up the new album and the first play through was very promising.

Loved this on first spin. Never gave Deluxe the proper time it needed but I remember enjoying it. Will definitely go back to it. They sound very much like Parquet Courts with touches of the Preoccupations/Viet Cong debut, all very good things to be compared to I think

It’s like Parquet Courts crossed with Women with a dash of Devo. Good but not as good as ‘Deluxe’.

Signed to sub-pop and new single out now!

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New single, album out 1st of November:

I love this band