On a scale of 1-10, right at this precise moment in time...

…how happy are you?

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Went for a four.

Both the wife and I have covid. It’s kicking our arses.

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7 I reckon. It’s Friday, no tour today so can finish work at a decent time, gonna take some free beer home, having a night off from moving prep, my mum’s birthday party tomorrow. Lose marks for my weird elbow lump being painful at the moment and things feeling a bit stale in my job for the first time since I started.

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Gone for an 8 as lately I feel like I’m really beginning to settle into my new single life in Brighton and I’m enjoying it.


can feel the start of an anxiety attack coming on, need to go for a walk and give up drinking again for a while

I’ll be a lot happier next week


Solid 8, rare WFH Friday and Visions fest tomorrow. Main irritation is my laptop is doing the irritating thing it does sometimes where the sound keeps switching between the monitor and my headphones for no reason.

About a 3. That’s about the standard background level, but with some knee pain preventing it from hitting the heady heights of 4.

This has made me happy to read so I’m upping my score :heart:

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  1. Happy with my life in general, but get driven frequently to despair pits by having to do a lot of life admin and battling with doctors, plus the news brings me down a lot. I’ll probably be hitting a 10 tomorrow and Sunday bcaus going to see Phoebe Bridgers, going out, seeing a friend we’ve not seen in a year, getting a big breakfast.

Next week could hit ATL levels if I don’t get an injection I need by Friday.

Would be a 9 if I didn’t have really bad leg ache

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Fairly depressed and anxious for various reasons, but feel like I’m back on the upward curve again and it’s Friday

Might be up to a 4 or 5 when I’ve got the last call of the day out the way at 1, has a slight risk of being a bit awks and I can’t relax with something like that coming up

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Four, which is roughly the baseline for me - dog’s having an operation to remove a weird lump, standard life stresses, family BS. Probably get happier at some point during the day, but I’d say four is where it rests.

  1. Lonely, drinking too much, dissatisfied with all aspects of my life but particularly work/money/prospects, fucking bored. Creative stuff isn’t up to par. But it’s not 1 because it has been worse.

Reckon i’ll be a 9 after two pints tonight though


Usually a 4 or 5 but my wisdom tooth hurts a lot (like waking me up at night hurt) so a 3. Would have been a 1 earlier but the paracetamol is kicking in

This is also a major downer for me too, because I just don’t have the time I’d like to devote to it either in terms of doing it or making it better. So, so much happier when I’m able to do that, I’m one of those people for whom it’s actually a sort of essential for my mental health (which I hate saying but has proved to be true)

Hope you feel better soon (this goes for everyone too [yeah, even you happy people, hope you feel even happier])

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One of the best things in life is playing with the band but I’m just feeling like my stuff isn’t good enough, also an ATD leaving the band’s a bit of a downer. Just a general fog around the whole thing atm.

I’ve had an exhausting and stressful week but got cuddles from my friend yesterday (and more) even though he had to get up at five to go to work and it was delightful. Also I got absolutely praised to the hilt by a couple of people at a work thing yesterday, one woman who is a bit of a sector influencer absolutely loves everything I write including the stuff I wrote at my old job that I thought no one read :smiley:

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