On a scale of 1 to 10 how soggy are you

Reckon I’m about an 8 right now. Pretty sure the atmosphere is more water than air at this point

9, went out for a bit and got grilled into oblivion, now just hanging out in my pants tbh

4, I am wearing very little and lying in front of a fan

generally not too bad but my back against our leather sofa is a disaster area


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Don’t put your hands down my pants, that’s my advice

Maybe a 3. Only slightly sweaty, hands feeling very dry and in need of hand cream


I’ll bare that in mind

Sitting in the park after walking into town and back so my t-shirt is pretty soaked right now, not gonna lie

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A 2, and only then because my mini air conditioner is on the mist setting and I can see the water condensing on my sensual shoulder hair.

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Currently not soggy at all.

Get a little damp when I get spritzed by V with a spray bottle. Excellent cooling system.




that’s at least a 7


I cannot express how much envy I have right now

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I’m gonna like this but also tell you to fuck off, out of sheer jealousy.

Fuck off.


I would say I’m more ‘sticky’ than ‘soggy’

Working at an lab conditioned lab until 10 minutes ago. Now I can feel the heat. I’m a 5 currently but about to get onto the Northern line in a minute. I’ll be a 9 in about 10 minutes.

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About 1 or 2. One of the few good things about this house is that it stays quite cool in the heat, downstairs at least.

It’s fucking freezing in the winter, mind.

About 6

Although the cat has now decided to go to sleep on top of me, so I’m rapidly rising up the scale

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