On an average day...(shit-hot poll thread)

at what point have you decided what you want to have for dinner?

  • Less than 30 minutes before you actually eat said dinner
  • On your way home from work/whatever (often when you pick up some of the ingredients)
  • In the afternoon when you’re no longer feeling full after lunch
  • During your lunch break (or in the middle of the day if you’re not employed or whatever)
  • In the morning
  • Before going to work/whatever (taking stuff out of the freezer in preparation)
  • The night before
  • Several days before
  • Changes every day, there’s no average with me, I’m so mercurial man.

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Chat is welcome.

Instant ban for anyone saying it’s just a shit poll thread.

After dinner

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Fucking hate deciding what to have for dinner, it never fucking ends does it


The gf and I have a meal plan decided at the weekend. But whether or not we’ll bother sticking to it on any given day is in the hands of the gods. And also depends whether I remembered to take something out of the freezer or not.

Whatever the missus says we’re having

ur a shit poll thread

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not a fan of people who spend their entire day thinking about dinner and it’s like the main event of their evening.
dinner’s just something to get over with before you can relax and enjoy your evening.
live by the rule - never cook something that takes longer to cook than it does to eat.

That’s never been in question.

Often: the day(s) before, determined by dates things are going to go off
Sometimes: in the morning depending on what we fancy
Occasionally: an hour before we start cooking because we fancy a takeaway instead.

Not sure about this rule. Seems a bit restrictive.


“What are we doing for dinner?”
“Dunno, what do you fancy?”
“Dunno, what have we got in?”
“Want me to nip out?”
“No, let’s check what we have in”

Intermission: The couple checks what they have in and it is the same as yesterday when they checked that - nothing

“I’ll nip out”
“Ok, what are you gonna get though?”


well if you’re in danger of breaking the rule or if it’s on the limit, you can eat the meal slowly, so the rule remains intact


Usually in the morning so I can avoid having a similar lunch by mistake

Does marinating time count towards it? Just want to know before I commit myself to a 24hour marathon curry eating sesh.

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This is usually the deciding factor on what we’re having for our evening meal tea

Normally on my cycle between work and Tezzas. Sometimes I get there and think, oh crap I have no idea what I want to eat and just have to wander around until something appeals.

I would say cumulative time of actively cooking or preparing, so time the period when you put the marinade on but not when you leave it marinading. recommend a stopwatch timer for this to keep track of the cumulative time.

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Even beans on toast would be a push

Quite often decide i’ll cook from scratch, get some sort of meat, a couple of types of veg, some variant of potato and a sauce, spot some kind of cereal on offer for £1 and think ‘woah, i’d have to be a right privileged prick to spend a tenner instead’ so put everything back and just go for the Frosted Shreddies.