On average how boring would you say life is?

  • Just a bunch of walking/driving about. Lots of pointless labour or looking for poiintless labour
  • Most of us are too poor to experience anything interesting/cultural
  • A nice bit of food or a sit down can be relaxing but it’s hardly a wild ride
  • Other things, idk
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  • 5
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Too bored to vote


Depends how many of your posts I’ve read innit :wink:


is 0 really boring… or 10…?


I’ve voted 1, but I don’t know whether that’s for most or least boring.

ill do that too then :+1:


Ill go for a risk averse 5


Not boring at all.* There’s always something to be interested in or something to get involved in.

*This outlook depends on the state of my mental health at the time the question is asked.


not boring enough for me really. I get worried about everything so I just like every day to be exactly the same tbh

This is so fucking obvious it doesn’t need explaining

iceburn laelfs tell me more about your canteen

did we ever find out if witches had gout

Stay tuned for instalments from a new canteen today, I know you can’t wait :grinning:

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MY life? Or just life in general?

My life is extremely fucking boring. Life in general - 5.

I think the key is to always have something to look forward to so even once that thing turns out to be boring you can still go, ah well, at least there’s that other thing to look forward to.

This is why being a fan of a sport that is played regularly is extremely valuable and important to me.


This is on the money.

I support Cardiff City

Yeah, I know.

I, boring?

It’s fine

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