On average, how many sheep do you think you see each week?

i reckon i’m clocking in at about 6 a week?

Absolutely none.

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what about cows?

i’m going to say 2 cows on average for me

Also none. I live in Zone 2 of London.

Back when I lived in Kent I reckon I saw around 25 sheep a week and I once rescued one who’s head was stuck in a fence.

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On average? Zero sheeps, zero cows

On average, over he course of a calendar year.

Modal: zero.
Mean: ~20

Lots of both - a fair amount of cycling on the south downs = plenty of sheep and cows

They just kind of fade into the background after a while though. I don’t count them

i also think i see about 2.5 horses a week

Walk past a flock everytime I walk into town on the weekend,

Average sheep is going to be slightly >0. I don’t see any routinely, but if I go on a trip somewhere, I’ll probably see some.

I see cows most days, there’s a couple of fields full of them about a mile from home (see below). Quite often a few of them are stood right at the edge of the field having a scratch on the barbed wire fence. I’ll say average cows is 15 a day.

Fucking loads. Probably do a thousand most weeks no bother.

None but when I go home to my parents who live in the middle of fields I see lots!

1 or 2


Bonus fact: wasn’t much higher when I lived in Wales.

Sorry thought it said “bum”.

More than that.

Hundreds whenever I go past a shopping centre!!!

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How do you go about doing that? I mean is it an easy thing or were you already versed in freeing sheep trapped like this. I’d be worried my presence might scare the sheep so much I couldn’t help it.

mean: 5
mode: 0
median: 0

Well it was actually the second time in my life that I’d saved a sheep (the one before was stuck in a ditch).

What I did was I slowly approached the sheep who’s head was stuck in the fence and pulled the fence apart to release the sheep and the sheep ran off and I continued my journey.

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Smooth work, fellow Zone 2 Londoner.