On Celebrity Gogglebox

There was a bit about this dish called Bondage Lobster for some reason, and Jon Richardson said “this isn’t just any lobster, this is S&M lobster”.

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Rylan and his Mum - Great
Miquita and Andi - Great
Denise Van Outen and whoever she’s with - Abysmal

‘In a week in which a catastrophic meteor wiped out 75% of the world’s population, we watched some great telly’

‘HERE BEZ, dun’t a meteor sound like a type of pizza topping??’
‘Yehhhh (30 second pause) whats a pizza?’
‘Yer eating one now ya daft wanker’
‘Oh yeh’


Spandau and Son - awful

Nah, they have a nice dynamic IMO

Yeah maybe. Idk

Really top posting, imo

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That fucking Heinz advert man