On Saturday I went to one of those Escape Room games with my girlfriend, her best mate and her boyfriend




it was really nothing


What’s William like?


Just William?




Didn’t need such a convoluted title to brag about having a girlfriend, bud


Or a friend of a friend called William. Alas.


did you get out mate?


You’d shorten it to Bill though surely


Ok so your girlfriend has another boyfriend, you’re the most sexually liberated on the boards WE GET IT



Didn’t really enjoy it


I’ve been to one of these. Was okay. Didn’t get out. Expensive.


i don’t really see the attraction of them

“pay us money to come here and then find your way back out of the room”
“i’m already outside the room…”


Bit like the cinema. Like fuck I’m giving you a tenner to sit in a room that I will have to leave in a couple of hours!




(I took my son to the cinema this weekend for the first time (well he went as a baby but that doesn’t count) taking advantage of Vue’s mini-mornings. Unfortunately Moana was sold out so we went to see Monster Trucks).


They give you clues so that you escape just in time.


How was Monster Trucks? I’m judging by the trailer as not do good.


It is essentially ET/Splash/Free Willy. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be when I read the synopsis/reviews in the lobby but it wasn’t great. My son liked it but he’s four.


is this thread about jail