On-set accident with Alec Baldwin (CW accidental death)

Just been reading this. Absolutely awful.

Obviously not sure of details but how does stuff like this happen after Brandon Lee.


Just terrible news. The thought of killing someone in a complete accident is just so sad. Really feel for him, along with the family and friends of the victim


Mr Baldwin is a co-producer of the film and plays its namesake, an outlaw whose 13-year-old grandson is convicted of an accidental murder.

Jeez, the universe loves itself some grim irony

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I can’t remember the film now but there was another time this nearly happened, but someone luckily discovered the gun had been loaded with live rounds. Imagine if they hadn’t?? How does that happen??

This is horrible. Are you able to put some sort of warning on the thread title? Or can the @moderators do it?

I’ll let the moderator of your choosing choose an appropriate title

The Crow was the film and the actor did die.

Well done the gutter press for publishing images of Baldwin.

Have seen a Partridge joke and guiltily laughed.

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Do you mean some grim moment of the accident pics?

It is absolutely wild that film sets still use blanks with all the post-productipn technology there is these days to mean they don’t have to.


Yeah it seems utterly ludicrous

Also what is the point of blanks if they can still kill people?

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No aftermath pictures of him which somehow is worse.

Some of the headlines read like he’s gone on a rampage when he hasn’t


Hard to argue with this really.

Responding to Thursday’s news, Brandon Lee’s sister Shannon tweeted: “Our hearts go out to the family of Halyna Hutchins and to Joel Souza and all involved in the incident on ‘Rust’. No-one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set. Period.”


Jeez. Baldwin’s a big anti-NRA and gun reduction campaigner too.


awful. just can’t get my head round how this could happen on a film set

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No, it was something far more recent.

(I did try to Google but without remembering either the film or anyone in it, obviously all the top results right now are about this.)


I definitely remember the same incident but can’t remember what film it was on

Oh right that was the one that leapt to mind when I 1st saw it. Having had a quick google there is actually a wikipedia entry for “list of film and television accidents”.

yeah I’m all for physical effects, “authentic” props etc. in the name of making better art and avoiding CGI-ing everything, but that’s a philosophical position - if you can avoid hurting someone by just adding a couple of extra tweaks in the edit then why not?

I suppose you could extend this to car chases or most stunts where plenty of stunt actors do get hurt as it currently stands, but I guess at least those would be things where it would be hard/look very bad to CGI the whole sequence, so maybe it doesn’t work without the real people doing the stunts? Whereas this would be a tiny change to potentially save lives

actors could train with live rounds/blanks so they get the sense of how a gun recoils or something and then just act that out with a totally empty gun surely? Wouldn’t look any more fake than how they usually drink coffee on screen from empty cups anyway

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