On the nature of rice cakes

Boring thread pile on

That’s the spirit

I call them “not nice cakes”

Always think they’re missing a track not calling them nice cakes. Of course they’d be sued thousands of times over for gross misrepresentation but you’ve got to spin a few yolks if you wanna make a spun egg

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Is this true, or did you just think of this now?

It’s a lie. An untruth. A fib.

This is why marketing them as nice would not be a grand long term idea.

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Tastes like polystyrene. Too unsubstantial

That’s ok, I don’t mind really

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Great food

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Love them

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Rice cake poll:

O click here if you like rice cakes

O click here if you don’t



Love a bowl of white rice with a lil soy sauce in

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I really like the corn cakes Lidl do. No flavour please though

Why are they allowed to be called cakes? What is the boundary of cake?

I have recently (with my son) read this:

In it they claim that the hero and the bully’s (who becomes a hero) favourite snack are salt and vinegar snack a jacks which I found unlikely.

However I do enjoy S&V and cheese SaJs and other savoury rice cakes but not sweet.

Anyone else butter their rice cakes? Plain ones obviously I wouldn’t butter a Snack a Jack

I was on the bus earlier and a boy was reading this aloud, but he kept swearing all the time

I think he must have had florets HAHAHHAAHAAAAAA



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