On Thursday morning, I have already been awake too long.

The Child was awake at 5.35.

Ceebeebies hasn’t even started at that point.

I’m teaching a night class tonight and will be out of the house until about 9.30.

How has life challenged you this morning?

Good breakfast?

I had an almost sex dream about Ivanka Trump.


Tired solidarity fist-bump

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Was it about her but not quite a sex dream? Or a sex dream about someone else?

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The former.

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Morning Keith. Off to EOTR today. Got some hash browns in the oven. Going well so far



Urgh I remember the before cbeebies started mornings, horrible.

Still in bed. Should get up. A day of sorting things out lies ahead…

Morning keith, all,

Sat on a train to Bristol. Didn’t have time to get a coffee at Reading so I’ll probably be asleep in this train forevermore. Just going through Didcot for the first time since they blew up the final 3 cooler towers over at that plant, except i feel like i can see one over in the distance, so maybe I’ve gone bavk in time again. Or I’m asleep already. Had a dream that someone was trying to grab me and woke up with a start kicking them off me. It was Winifred doing the rounds. Don’t want to be here imo.


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ngl children sound like a pretty big inconvenience


Had the ‘running a pub with DiSers’ dream again.


It’s ok. It wasn’t a cooling tower, I’m awake in the here and now, for now.

The tv decided to set her alarm for 630 this morning and then not bother getting up, so i’ve basically been awake since then. Having coffee and a bagel.

Today: 9 hours of work, 4 hours of band practice, bed.

It’s my penultimate day in this job, still got loads to do. What’s a nice leaving present to get colleagues you really like? I’m thinking maybe a plant?

  • Get the 8:45 from Parkway to Stapleton Road, wait 28 mins and get the train to Clifton Down
  • Get the 8:55 from Parkway to Temple Meads, wait 10 mins and get the train to Clifton Down
  • Mackerel frittata oooh and add peas
  • I need a coffee so badly I’m almost tempted to get a misery onboard coffee
  • Go to the Black Swan and rave for 20 mins, I’m sure it’ll still be open
  • I’ve had too plums already. They were for lunch.

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The other day I dreamt that you were in a kitchen, dancing as you took some roast potatoes out the oven

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I am rather liable to do such a thing. Maybe it was foresight rather than a dream

Absolutely no energy, could sleep for another few hours at least. Could just start late but I also want to leave early, so …

Half day at work. Playing a gig in Lancaster this evening. Currently trying to convince the baby to sleep.

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