On when you need it, or on all the time? (roll up for the poll up)


  • On when I need it, off when I don’t
  • Always on
  • I am charmless

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me too, maoasm. me too.

Bluetooth = Pile of shit.

Don’t see so many Bluetooth headsets about these days.

Or do you?

Never really understood what they were for


Phones, mostly.


  • On when needed
  • Always off
  • Always on

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still see cabbies using them

it’s just a hands-free thing innit

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I have a no more than 2 pairs a day rule. Which means if I’ve cycled 20 miles to work then cycled back, commando for the evening it is.

Why am I telling you this scott


Ensuring nobody’s going to pop in for a cup of tea if they’re passing Chez Warn on a weeknight.

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Ah this is why I don’t think you see them anymore: don’t really get cabs these days.

Your secret is safe with me


do you miss them?

only Fridays you have to worry about really

yes, I’m just not fast enough anymore

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Turned on

  • When needed
  • Always
  • Never

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Why don’t you wear your evening pants for the cycle into work?

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Are you suggesting he changes back into soiled pants in the evening?

If he washes them in a sink at work when he arrives, they’ll be dry by the time he gets home.