On when you need it, or on all the time? (roll up for the poll up)

Are you suggesting he changes back into soiled pants in the evening?

If he washes them in a sink at work when he arrives, they’ll be dry by the time he gets home.


Change into fresh pants when he gets into work, and then change into fresh pants when he has a shower after getting home from work.

Hanging them up to dry over the back of his monitor.


if it works for my balls, it’ll work for warn’s pants.

Might get in the way of people making their morning coffee though.

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Is there a way on Android for Location Services to turn off automatically after I exit maps?

the people who used to use them have switched to walking around whilst face timing instead

That would still be three pairs in a day (unless I cycle-in with no pants on).

just get some bib shorts ffs

Where’s this extra pair of pants coming from?

why can’t you count?


Why are you wearing pants while cycling?

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I wear my stupid sexy Flanders undershorts when cycling to work

Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all

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Nothing at all

you’ve not met thewarn have you

he’s a baggies man


Alright, narc.