On your commute to work

roughly how many stairs do you go UP?

Approx 225 for me.

60 at the train station when I go to buy my ticket.
15 from the office car park to the office back doors.
150 from the office basement to the 5th floor where I work.

I’ve got high hopes for this thread. Don’t let me down. Chat ENCOURAGED.



If getting into my car is a step 1 if not none


Yeah, so far this seems to be the norm.

Not in the office til Friday do I guess now or wait for an official number?

Only the one up to my first floor office. So 24.

Both please.

Around 50 to get to the second floor of the office I think.

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Up: 20

(Down: 15)

I’m gonna say that stairs in the office don’t count unless who your work for doesn’t own the whole building


Hmm in that case none.

Actually depends which way I walk… sometimes 5.

probably about 25, 20ish going up the stairs after the tunnel under the track at the train station and 5ish going up the stairs into my office.

This is MY thread…they do count.

I don’t think they do… because you’re already at work.

About 25 at two stations and about another 50 or so to the second floor. So lets say 100.

(Note: I go down a lot more stairs than this on the way)

What happened to your pacman ghost? It looks like it’s come out in a rash…

The usual nit pickers are around today I see.

You’re in work once your inside the building.

“Why did you lose you last job?”
“Got caught masturbating on the stairs”
“At work?”
“No between the 1st and 2nd floor of work which if you think about it isn’t work therefore it was wrong of them to sack me”
“You’re hired”

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