On your commute to work


You’re in work once your inside the building.

“Why did you lose you last job?”
“Got caught masturbating on the stairs”
“At work?”
“No between the 1st and 2nd floor of work which if you think about it isn’t work therefore it was wrong of them to sack me”
“You’re hired”


And, no…I don’t work in the car park. I work on the 5th floor.


Nope. I go down three in my front garden. Then get on my bike. No steps to navigate on my commute. Then when I get to work, lift to the 3rd floor.


god that’s the good life


Lot’s of people saying no steps. It must be more normal than I thought.


On the way home I will go up my doorstep if that counts?


approx 45

EXACTLY 57 down


Everyone… @safebruv got sacked for masturbating at work!!


I was on the stairs!!!


None. Cycle to work then lazily get the lift up to the second floor.


Nope, cos that would be a “how many stairs do you go up on your way home from work” thread.


if i get the train (very rare) i think i go down steps at cannon street but that’s it, still nothing up


Right, I try to help and you treat my like this.



I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to work

From my house to work involves walking down 385 steps and obviously walking home involves walking all the way up them again

Unless I take the alternative, slightly longer, route down/up the hill via the snaking trail through the woods

Fascinating eh?


Thanks for this.

Another NONE!


another vote for davidoff cool zero


Is that walking from one field to another cowsx2?


How on earth do you interpret this as a none?


Because the stairs aren’t in your workplace


On your commute TO work roughly how many stair do you go UP.