On your keyboard do you press shift/ctrl/alt with your left hand or right?

  • Left
  • Right
  • It really depends (explain yourself)

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Yes this definitely needed to be a thread

Further: because that’s where it is.

It depends, by default it would be my left but inexplicably one of the shortcuts I need to use regularly is Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + , so I use my right hand for that one.

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Because a lot of the keys that need shifting are under my right hand. Left little finger does shift, thumb does alt, ring does ctrl. Right little finger does the various typographical marks. Yeah. Except full stops, which I like to do emphatically with my right middle finger.

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A couple of very comprehensive explanations there. Though you definitely voted the wrong option Ant. Thank you.

Myself, can’t really see the need for the ones on the right, but there we go

Every so often I’ll be holding a biscuit or something in my left hand, and will attempt a shortcut using solely my right hand. It’s a fool’s errand.

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(Amended now, apologies)

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Look at all you two handed bastards showing off!

Get on command-L with your right hands you bunch of noobs

left hand except ctrl+alt+delete which needs the right hand, and I’m not bothering using two hands where one will do.

How do you type out capital letters?

  • Holding down shift key with the desired letter
  • Rapidly pressing Caps Lock On - Letter - Caps Lock Off
  • Taking out your set of upper case keys and putting them into your typewriter

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Usually shift. More frequently caps lock for some absolutely unknown reason