One fact about an artist without naming them.

Proper haircuts

Frank Beard

:white_check_mark: correct

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woah i didn’t know she had famous parents. especially given that she started out just sticking DIY albums on bandcamp

(i had to google who Kline and Cates were tbf but i recognised their names at least)

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Allergic to pizza

I guess that’s the upside to them being known but not like massively superstar famous, in that she could do stuff like that under her own steam.

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Very good at playing the saxophone.

Not Bob Holness

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Used to be in Oasis with his brother Noel Gallagher.


Correct, it is not Bob Holness :+1::joy:

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Formerly known as

Yusuf Islam

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Died on the toilet

Ian Gallagher?

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Lisa Simpson.


Not the one I was thinking of but I’ll accept it instead cause Simpsons…


Bill Clinton


A Top answer

Is it Clarence Clemons?

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