One Love Manchester


Such a weird feeling. Insane they’ve pulled it off at a week’s notice, really. Quite enjoying it, but…idk.


A big celebratory coming together of people helps I think.
Everyone there knows how shit the world can be, but good moments make like this can make it bareable


Mentioned before but my friend was at the Arianna gig and has been really worried about going to this, but she’s there, and I don’t think you can underestimate how helpful this experience will be in terms of helping people who were there get through this tragedy. Especially the younger fans who may have been to the arianna gig as one of their first.

Having said that, Mumford, Gary Barlow et al, Robbie. Urgh.



Meant more that part of me’s enjoying it but having pangs of weird guilt.

Live about a mile from it. Two weeks of sirens and helicopters. Eerie as fuck.


Oh my word that Angels performance though. Is someone chopping onions in here?!


Oh no Please don’t ruin two things in two nights


It’s quite normal for my hay fever to play up this time of year…


Just realised I’m watching this 20mins behind live so my posts might not make much sense


Quite enjoyed the collective ‘oh so that’s who Ariane grande is!!’ reaction in my living room


Little Mix are going to catch cold going out dressed like that


Little Mix have got more tunes than Radiohead.


Little mix are seriously underrated imo.


Not gonna deny it, i bloody love this song.


Enjoying this despite it making me feel proper old.

WillIam is a proper twonk mind.


He’s like an idiot savant, only without the ‘savant’


Me and mR s were both like, ooh they’ve forgotten their trousers…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Imogen Heap seems a bit of a…leftfield choice.


She looks a bit like my yr9 Geography teacher


She’s asking for trouble with those heels.

Glad It’s all appropriately pop and she’s at the centre. Good night for it too.


Miley Cyrus is mint.

Just sayin’.