One More Time With Feeling/Skeleton Tree - Nick Cave

Who’s going to the movie tonight? Thoughts/expectations?

I loved Push The Sky Away and the videos that went with it, and Jesus Alone seems like a pretty perfect album opener for a darker take on that sound.

Don’t think the cinema I’m going to does 3D but don’t really care.

Hooray for Cavey boy

Alright Gert. Yeah I’m off to this tonight with the missus. Apparently the 3D bits don’t really work all that well so you won’t be missing much.

It’s going to be terrifically sad isn’t it :cry:

Yep, but I think it might be quite inspirational as well - him working alone and with his band to try and make the album/channel his grief/find a way to go on with his life. Reckon he might get quite cosmic like in Higgs Bosun Blues.

Didn’t get tickets and it sold out, but thinking of looking around twitter for a spare now. Partly cos I put my name down to review the album so I feel a bit of a duty to see the film as well.

It’s only on in my local indie cinema which doesn’t do 3D, but I had no idea this film existed in 3D. I can’t really imagine going to see this film in 3D. Why does it exist in 3D?

Anyway whether I go or not I’m looking forward to the album a lot.

Can’t wait to see it or hear the album but also terrified it might be like staring into an abyss and offer no hope. Not that I expect or want any joy or anything.

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Bit gutted I won’t be seeing the film tonight. Got the album on pre-order, so should hear it tomorrow. Hard to know exactly what to expect. This review from Norman Records sounds pretty good:

The balladic journey across the reeking swamp of ‘Your Funeral, My Trial’ comes to mind here, only it’s now informed with Cave’s newer musical interests – the appreciation for scores he’s inherited from Warren Ellis, for instance, feels crucial to this sound.

I’m dreading how sad it might make me, but yeah. This could be fucking excellent.

Annoyed it’s a 3D screening, though :frowning:

First run through of the album today

Yeah not sure what to say yet really - heavy and ominous as you would think

Especially the first half - real bare, stark vocals from Nick way out front, with the band very restrained

Saw the film last night - still coming to grips with it

Just had a couple of listens to the album. Last track is beautiful and one of the best things he’s done in years. Rest of it…meh. If you liked Push the Sky Away you’ll probably like it. I didn’t. Warren Ellis has totally fucked the Bad Seeds IMO.

Saw the movie last night and it is wonderful. Really tough to watch at times.
Looking forward to the pre-order arriving, but it’ll probably be Monday it arrives in Ireland. Will spend the weekend continuing to digest the movie.

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The film was excellent. Absolutely heartwrenching, but excellent. Beautifully shot. Didn’t realise it was his son singing at the end until it actually came up in the credits. And with the shots of the cliff too. :pensive:

Loving the album from the tracks last night and another listen this morning. The last three tracks are outstanding. I Need You is a current favourite.

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Oh we can do spoilers now right?

Those last shots of the film, fucking hell!

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Really moving and well put together.
I certainly didn’t expect the last few scenes, and the song at the end was devastating.
There was an amazing line in one of his poems, the Burj Al Arab centric one, something along the lines of “God is great, I’m sure you are. God is good, I wouldn’t go that far” which really hit me too.

At the start I was closing one eye to battle the out of focus 3D stuff and wondering if I could stick it out, but after a bit I decided this was the best 3D experience ever. Really felt right with you. Amazing.

Saw the film last night as well. Thought it utterly heartbreaking, yet totally compelling at the same time. Totally understand why Cave has decided to air his thoughts over the tragedy as an artistic endeavour, rather than doing the usual press-circuit. The way the songs have taken on a somewhat prophetic meaning was really interesting. I’m not sure it will be an album I listen to a lot, but I’m looking forward to playing it later, when I can let it immerse me.

And it was beautifully shot as well. The 3D never felt gimmicky, it felt like it was used as an artistic device, and it worked on the whole. And the sound, oh my, it sounded amazing.

Went to see the film last night. I read a review somewhere that likened it to a black hole; there’s this big invisible subject at the centre that’s ignored at the beginning and by the end you suddenly find you’ve been spiralling towards it and are now right on top of it. Can’t really think of a more apt description for it really. It’s such a stark contrast from 20,000 Days (which I admittedly absolutely love) which feels so mythologised and controlled. The last 30 minutes or so from when Susie is first properly interviewed(and in particular the sequential family portraits and final shot/song) was so brutal.

Glad I saw the film before listening to the album, think it’s got me in the right headspace to appreciate it. On first couple of spins Magneto, Anthrocene and Skeleton Tree stand out, the latter in particular.

On a side note this is possibly the worst movie ever to take someone on a first date.


Agree with you completely here, every time Nick started a sentence I got well angsty at the thought of where it might go. Having said that though, there were some really funny scenes, lots of laughs to be had amidst the gloom (which sounds odd to say).

Shit yeah, how did that go man?

Yeah, for sure. There were a couple of moments when he started talking about something missing and it turned out to be him talking about a song, but for that split second I just got a wave of anxiety. I find it such an incredible thing how he was even able to approach it through film; definitely a couple of moments where you could really see him working hard to keep it together (especially in the taxi, he looked furious at one point).
But yeah, loved the comments from Warren and him about his hair and his son taking the photographs, really wonderful moments. Loved his phrase about using happiness as revenge as well.

Really really good before the film, but we both came out utterly shell shocked; don’t think either of us was expecting to be that emotionally effected by it. Made for a somewhat awkward goodbye. She’s still chatting to me today though so can’t have damaged my chances too much (fingers crossed)


Tried to listen to the album and found it a bit upsetting tbh, had to turn off on I Need You. It’s all quite reminiscent of PTSA but a LOT bleaker.

The doc sounds fascinating but difficult

Still digesting the film, has drawn me into a thoughtful and existential mood. Lots of big ideas about life and art and trauma, as expected, but it’s quite different actually seeing someone going through it for two hours.

Could watch master musicians tinkering in the studio forever, so that was great. Quite a few laughs and warmth to the relationships between Cave and others which stopped the whole thing becoming overbearing.

It was powerful the way it skirted around talking about Arthur for a while and then gradually drew closer to the traumatic event through showing Nick and Susie’s interactions. And then, yeah, the end bit hit hard.

Listened to the album once this morning, incredible experience focusing on the music without the visuals. Lots of the first half feels like an extension of the spoken word stuff in the film, just with the backdrop of beautiful piano and Warren Ellis murking and mooding all over. And the last three songs as mentioned are brilliant. Looking forward to getting familiar with it, the lyrics in particular.