One of my ears is blocked

What can I do to fix this?

I’ve tried pinching my nose and blowing and I’ve wiggled a pen in there to try and dislodge some wax but it’s not working.

It’s making me feel disoriented

Get a few drops of olive oil in there Bam :+1:


Block the other one

Ear syringe, go to the GP, in the mean time you can try a home kit OR you can put warm water in your ear and let it settle for a bit and pour it out.

I recommend Ear Syringe though, they feel AMAZING

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thanks! I might still have some in an old bottle, does olive oil go off or will be ok?

can you fit your elbow in there?

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Nah it should be grand.

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I hear that they prefer not to do the syringe thing anymore, I’ll probably never experience it : (

The home kits with the chemicals that make your ears fizz are really good as well to be fair. It tickles!

Put it in a bowl of rice


Also they do but you often get referred to a bigger medical center for them to perform it, less and less lil GP surgerys offer it though

shit the bottle’s empty, will vegetable oil do?

Do not put veg oil in your lug hole man. Get yourself out and pick up some Filippo Berio.

I first heard about them from our physics teacher at school, a very straight laced man. When was telling us it was like he was thinking back to an orgasm that he particularly enjoyed.

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ah I’ll just leave it, might sort itself out. Cheers for your help!

Seems fair, they’re fucking amazing, also you appreciate your hearing so much more when you have it done. Its like you walk outside and the world has never sounded clearer (cause you been bungged up to varying degrees over the years) and the actual sensation of it being done is god damned orgasmic.

Best medical procedure

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I had this a while back, went to the pharmacy and got some Otex ear drops. Was fixed within a few hours although I had to fake blow my nose every now and then to make my ears pop. Miracle cure

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This was me for about two weeks

I thought Otex only works if you have hard ear wax (some have hard wax others have soft)