One of my friends keeps saying I'm gay

it doesn’t really bother me toooooo much, but he’s been chipping away at me recently and it’s beginning to grind.

when I tell him I have a man crush on John Stones and Leighton Baines for example, he counters by saying it’s not really a man crush if you’re secretly gay. he’ll just keep saying this, over and over, the cunt.

get all sorts of nonsense like this quite a lot of the time from him. making me angry just typing these words.

he’s not the first cat who’s said this either. had a number of girls say it, but just once and never mentioned it again

feel like I want to chuck him in a bush or something.

maybe you’re bisexual?



Stone and Baines are footballers.


man, this is something I’ve considered, believe me. human should consider all options innit. but ultimately…nah

I didn’t want to say anything.

sexybum has made a real twat of himself here.

something about a straight bat

well you’d know! :wink:

Can’t edit posts anymore. Mugged himself right off.


Is “chuck him in a bush” a euphemism?

I can’t keep up with all the gay parlance.

I think the real issue here is that Leighton Baines is definitely, definitely not attractive.

He’s not really your friend if he’s bullying you.


Frightfully virile though. 3 kids by the age of 24, crikey.

subthread, boringest choices for ‘mancrushes’:
david beckham

he’s got lovely hair, he’s not like 99% of footballers, he’s well read, he likes The Smiths and he has a sweet, sweet left foot

what’s not to like?

Yeah, sorry to say it Silkz but if this bloke keeps doing this despite knowing it irks you he’s a nobhead and you’re better off spending time with better people. (Also if he’s trying to use it as an insult he’s a complete whopper as well)


Sounds like your friend needs a lie down, in a sand pit! Amirite silks?!


Brad Pitt

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in his defenc(s)e, he’s got a kid of 18 months, works full time and is severely sleep deprived. all of these things need to be taken into consideration when making important decisions like binning him off.

one of the reasons he’s my friend is that he’s quite contrary, which is a quality I like. however, the above things I’ve mentioned have turned him into someone not great to hanga round with at the moment.

s’all good baby

reflected the fuck out of this subject man, between the age of say 11-35. no further time will be spent on this matter