One of my friends walked off with my wallet the other night and was quite reluctant to drop it back


guy came back with a few others after the pub to listen to records, get high and eat chocolate

woke up next morning and couldn’t find my wallet. recounted my steps from the previous night. when did I last spend money? bought some blue rizla at the garage.

had a brief look round the house and it suddenly dawned on me. my mate was INCREDIBLY high and probably thought it was his

left him a message. 3 hours later he got back to me sayng ‘yeah, I’ve got it’ but nothing else

left it about a half hour, then called him. told him to not worry about it, but I’d like it back. he said something about me not possibly needing it and could he drop it over tomorrow. said nah, needed it TODAY and please drop it over within 2 hours, unless he had something else on, in which case, I’d get it from him

turned up an hour later, just put the wallet in my hand and fucked the fuck off again.


he is pissed off about something that happened that night. I MAY post about this later, depending on the level of interest


Registering my interest.



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If he was super high, maybe he was on a super comedown?


high as in weeded up bro


are these are true or are you just making stuff up now?


Was this DARREN, by any chance?


Puff puff give


The Bad Thing?


man. I don’t make anything up. things happen and I talk about them. take your cynicism elsewhere


what does this mean bud?


Caveat: obviously if it’s like that story from a few weeks ago, I’m not interested


Peep Show reference


I’m assuming that it’s not that but I suppose you never know.


You should try Silvers


will do boss


it isn’t really a ‘something happened’ moment. nothing happened, other than in his mind

rest easy, bro


Yeah but you smoke enough weed, you end up weird and para.


should have said, it ain’t weed. it’s hash. don’t smoke that THC’d to the max skunk shit any more. makes me paranoid and introverted as fuck. no good can come from weed, no good at all

feel sorry for the kids of 15-16 growing up with this skunk shit. they’ll be total wrecks by the age of 40


Yep. Grim.

Okay. So you’ve DEFINITELY pissed him off then I guess?