One of my neighbours has just lost his mind

that’s a pretty big caravan tbf

Think he should have done some measuring of his yard first :smiley:

What was being built in the end? Looks like the front of a combine harvester.

I’m assuming the guy is not very well, But who the hell is delivering that to him and just dumping it in the street??

square it up at least

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So close

really like that shade of pink

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Is your neighbour former Derby County goalkeeper Stephen Bywater?



No he’s very much fine, he’s been telling everyone his plans. Some truth some lies. It goes like this:

He’s told everyone he’s back from London after working in an investment bank, now he’s setting out on his own with a new venture.

What’s actually happened is he’s just got out of a 4 year stretch in prison for defrauding the NHS, when he and his dad owned a pharmacy. He’s now flogging tins of paint for a tenner from his house.

The caravan is, in his words “so i can sell my paint and not have weirdos in my house all the time”


This whole thing is getting better and better.

First the PCSOs show up and he tells them to do one.

At this point the neighbours are all out discussing building regs, highways and byways etc. Then his mate shows up in an audi and revs his engine really loudly so we can all hear. Out comes our caravan friend, he defiantly beckons audi man inside and as they both go in the caravan tips and smashes loudly into the road


It’s no summerhouse

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At what points were the cops called and for what reason?

Lots of neighbour chat in here.

Plus, if you look hard enough you can see me peering through a window in one of the photos. Enjoy.

Sure listen, if he keeps making these people mad, I’m all for him. Fair play


Beginning to wonder if this one of those hidden camera shows and whoever the equivalent of Jeremy Beadle is now will suddenly arrive and explain it’s all been a big wind-up.

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It’s at this point I have to admit, it’s all been cgi for the benefit of my pals


It’s so big


I’m absolutely loving it. We’ve sold our house and are moving out once lockdown permits, so this is just all brilliant right now


that caravan seems an unnecessarily extravagant expense for flogging tins of watered down paint


Code for blue meth