One of the most annoying things in life

is when you’re either part of or listening to a conversation in which the parties say bye, but then an additional topic casually gets brought up so the bye gets cancelled for another ten minutes.


Depends if you’re enjoying the conversation in the first place shirley

Always hate this in work meetings. Just when I’m allowing myself to think it’s ending and I can get on with something, someone will pipe up with another matter, or just some nonsense about what they did on the weekend and the whole thing starts up again.

Particularly likely to happen when I really need a wee.

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Yeah it’s always some boring fucking shite about the weekend

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I have this with a guy at work who’ll call me to discuss something, and then the conversation will end and then get started up again about three or four times.

I’ll let him off though cos I know that he doesn’t have many people to talk to either at work or at home, and he only does it every couple of weeks or so.

Hate it in work meetings when something will get discussed in great depth for say twenty minutes only to be brought up again later on with exactly the same points made for a second time by the same people

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I used to live with a guy who couldn’t tell you were trying to leave the room and keep talking I’m sure he just did it to mess with me because I’m too polite to not keep engaged in conversation

Best thing about a Teams meeting. Quick note in the chat box “sorry, got another meeting”, hang up, go for a piss, nobody minds.

Just wondering how annoyed you’d be if this thread just kept going, and every time it looked like it was going to die, someone else replied in it?

I feel like @avery could get behind this.