One of the things that is most important to me in life is "The Integrity of the Stack"

Get a load of this fucking carnage

This might tip me over the edge today


Regrettably is not somewhere you can get unbroken crisps, but a forum for asking technical questions about pringles


God what an awful post



stack integrity
i’ve got all my Pringles with me


Throw them out and get a new pipe.

But to come on here…and fuck my stack

Integrity of the stack
You know that I’ll be back

We’re in lockdown

Call the police then.

Celine Dion

What an unusual response!

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There’s that thing where it’s a pic of Celine Dion and she’s saying “I’m phoning the police” in French-Canadian

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those pringles also look bad in other ways

I’ve never seen that but it sounds tres funny.

Did you drop the tube at some point?

It’s because the integrity of the stack was disturbed therefore the individuals within the stack have similarly lost their structural integrity. It’s one of my least favourite things that can ever happen

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Are you having a piss of me? Did I drop the tube at some point? I’ve just said that the integrity of the stack is one of the things that is most important to me in life and you think that I, of all people, dropped the tube and caused this situation? I’ll give you five minutes to sit with your thoughts and decide if you want to stick to that line of questioning…


I’ll put that down as a “yes”, then

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You’re a fucking goon

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