One of those days

Was talking to my mate and could tell he was distracted. I said ‘what’s on your mind bud’? And he said he was just thinking a lot about stereotypes lately.

I said ‘mate! I hear you. The gross pigeonholing and oversimplification of whole groups of people right across the board. Generalizing attributes so matter of factly and ignoring an individual’s truth. It’s horrible makes me sick.’

He said ‘god no. Was just thinking about what radio to get’



Feeling like a freight train. First one to complain leaves with a bloodstain

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Oh balls. Wasn’t quite quick enough

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Those boots were going to have walked all over you

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Just got back from the doctors where i’ve been diagnoses with a massive magnesium deficiency.
Should have seen my reaction, 0mg


There must be more to life.