One of those "things that are inherently sad" threads


I mean, can we say anything is inherently anything? I’m not sure we can.

music boxes, though.

take a bit of big, regular-sized music and make it into something little and fragile and unbearably sweet that will inevitably sing its tiny song to somebody digging through a box of memories after many years and make them weep uncontrollably.

I don’t think there’s anything sadder that isn’t just like someone dying or whatever, but you tell me.


Me :wink:


music boxes are also really over used tropes in fiction. everything has a fucking musicbox


Might start a music project that works exclusively in the medium of music box


The Smashing Pumpkins



imagine if it had a musicbox in it that played a twinkly version of the Spiderman theme


half deflated balloons


imagine a tiny music box that played the verse melody of ‘Today’




In each room of Billy Corgan’s house a music box gently plays reworkings of his greatest melodies, the only thing that can soothe his roiling angst.



Abused and abandoned dogs.


this is too sad, I’m sorry to say. can you make it less sad so it fits the thread?


wonder how many horror film trailers in total include a broken music box playing slowly and out of key

nowhere near as many as a child slowly singing a nursery rhyme over some sinister music but still quite a few i’d imagine


I wasn’t feeling this one, as balloons have always been abundant and often for popping in my life. plus I cleaned up after a club night where they had loads of balloons and that did for all the sweetness of balloons for a while.

but now that I think about it, yes, I can see how this would be sad.


Robots sacrificing themselves for humans



lost footballs on trainlines or in lakes and that


Oh my goodness