One person on DiS can have a Nando's black card

Who is it?

Please come to a unanimous decision.

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I don’t know what it is. I want it.

Think @ttf is the biggest Nando’s fan on here. Well done ttf on your new Nando’s black card (what is it?)!!


I’ve never been to a Nando so Ruffers should have it

I’m honestly the person who educates DiS the most on matters of culture. Chads, Belle Delphine and Nando’s black card. Looking forward to being nominated for DiSer of the Year 2022.


I have been in a Nandos once I think tbf.

the only thing I know about Nandos is that it is where CHUGTIK went before they imploded

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A pal of mine had one for a year. Got through about 15k’s worth of Nando’s.


tbf it’s the most important thing to know, culturally

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I like a nandos. Haven’t been for ages.

I nominate @anon73286315 - he’s had a rough time in the last few weeks.

Never been and never will probably. Give it @ttf


Who’s the cheekiest person on here?

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Can I have it?

It might make Wor Lass’s family show me an appropriate level of respect.

I’m not very cheeky though.


Yeah I vote ttf

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I’ve never been to one either. What does a black card do?

Destroy it before it tears us apart