One surprising fact about yourself

Was he the physio?


Yes he was a prick.
Gazza was great though

haa! whoops

I just remember him as he was Danish when I was a child

He’s still danish now you’re an adult


Fun fact - he’s still Danish today!

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I’m happy for him


Sounds like a tough way to lead your life! condolences .Feet are the worst. My 4th toe half lives under the 3rd toe and it’s really painful sometimes and there is nothing to be done.

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ah it’s fine, barely makes any difference really. But yeah, feet!

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Would prefer

  • Two feet
  • 0.66 yards

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Pretty bored today.

can’t believe nobody here speaks latin or is the son of an astronaut or has a lego brick lodged in their brain or something

They do, but that ain’t beating the toe nails thing.


Knew I should have started with I can lick my elbow :frowning:

Prove it.

Massive tongue, or tiny upper arms?

massive tongue and I can kinda fold my arm and elbow in in a way that allows my massive tongue to lick my elbow

I met lloyd grossman at the backstage area of the Avery? Stage at glastonbury which i snuck into due to an impromptu thunder storm. He was playing guitar with with his band… this is how i found out lloyd grossman was in a band

that’s a good one! Was he chill? He seems like he would be

Yeah he was chill.

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nice stuff, thank you

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