One thing I just do not get about 2023

The preference for Airpods over actual earphones with a wire


Yeah ill just plug my wire into

Oh wait


It’s because you don’t have to bother with the wires.



Oh yeah let me do the more convient route of sticking these into a little case each time. Wait wheres my left one?

Not having it


Wireless headphones, big nah for me

Love me wires, love me jack


Also with the wires, you can see if someone has headphones in easily so you know whether you can talk to em or not

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I take out the wee case, I put the thingers in my ears, I start listening to The Donnas.

I finish listening to The Donnas, I take out the wee case, I put the thingers in the case, I put the case back in my pocket.

Nae drama


Christ what an essay!

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I also cant stand it when one of my bluetooth contacts wear out on my phone and i need to send it off fore repairs or buy a new phone

Tech is there now - really no reason to go AH BACK IN MY DAY over this shit any ore. The benefits of wired audio are that youll get better sound for less and not worry about battery but charge times are so quick nowa days etc etc. Rather that than dealong with tangled wires, wire noise, damaged wires, damaged headphone jacks, getting caught and pulled back on something when the wire comes lose.

Also nah the sound qualkry is absaloutely not an ossue anymore rhe fine details eill be lost when youre commuting and not paying attention so thats a non argument. Also do you know why bigger headphones are more popular as a portable option these days? Because theyre actually able to be powered adequately with their built in amps where as before you had to get a shitty external headphone amp or dac because phones always cheaped out.


Ill grabt u ewaste though cause batteries die lol

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If I want to stick something in my ear I just use a finger

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I don’t mind wireless or wired. I just mind the fact that there are no “in ear” headphones that actually properly stay in my ears.

I like the ones with magnets on the end that you can wear like a necklace when you are not using them

Aye, Apple bought Beats for the tech and to kill the competition, knew you could only sell someone new headphones if theirs didn’t work anymore, knew you would only buy so many pairs of headphones in your life unless you put batteries in them. The solution, kill headphone jacks, add batteries, make headphones a product with planned obsolescence.

That said, since I bought Bluetooth headphones and earbuds on the go, I’d find it extremely annoying and inconvenient to have a wire sticking out now. I’m incredibly clumsy and it used to get caught it doorways and broken. Almost always use wired headphones at home though.

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Completely agree, I’m not happy with having to remember to carry a USB C to 3.5mm converter, but am I fuck living a life without wires.


I don’t even own any earphones wired or otherwise

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Genuinely if there was an NRA for wired headphones, I’d be an unhinged Charlton Heston-ass fucking maniac


You can take my 3.5mm jack out of my cold dead hands


At least iPhones now come with earphones that plug straight into the charging port rather than having to mess around with a Jack

earbuds are an all round bad time. Like putting food directly into your throat rather than using your mouth


Shite arent they.