One thing I just do not get about 2023

I will concede a counterpoint

The wire just came out when i tried to chokeslam a bag of rice

I got given some 2 years ago that I didn’t want and I haven’t worn wired earphones since

One thing I just do not get about 2023:

No Tang around here

Are we happy with Xerox/Tannoy/Hoover/Sellotaping this?

@manches as a talking head on a TV show looking back at the cultural highlights of 2002:

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i finally caved and bought some
airpod pros this year and let me tell you, they are the best thing i’ve ever owned


I don’t have airpods but I do have bluetooth earphones that are connected to each other by a wire. Best of both worlds imo.


Have a great pair of Sony earbuds. Miraculous noise cancelling, great for work, gym and anywhere I don’t want to be be bothered by people (or as I also call it, the world outside of my house). Have a great wired pair of cans for at home - better sound, more comfy, good for music production.

I also appreciate that my lifetime spend on headphones is probably about 10x than the average human and I’m ok with that.




The removal of the 3.5mm jack socket on a mobile phone is the worst development in technology since the introduction of the automatic handbrake. It’s led to another thing I don’t get about 2023: people holding Facetime/ WhatsApp calls on speakerphone in public places.


Since they’ve taken away headphone jacks from pretty much all mobile tech (apart from Sony, I think, but that makes sense), I’ll use wireless buds and pretend to fucking like it, thank you.

Keep meaning to buy a USBC-3.5 converter (or at least replace the one I lost that came with my old One+ 6T) but CBA.

Yeah I’m on the “Why not both?” train. AirPods Pro when I’m listening on my phone and don’t care about latency and am out and about so the quality is never going to be 100% brilliant anywhere because street noise and that, and wired headphones at home for better sound/zero latency when recording.

Transparency mode and noise cancelling are brilliant; as my hearing gets increasingly fucked as I get older, having control over the balance between environmental sound and what I actually want to hear is great. Newer versions will apparently auto-detect speech and automatically switch on transparency mode, which sounds brilliant.

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Ywah i got a headphone amp/dac and big ol openbl back headphonws for home use. Bluetooth preferable when out and about 90% of the time

Wireless headphones: fine
Fiddly little buds that I’ll only misplace/lose: get to absolute fuck

For people who don’t misplace or lose things I imagine they’re fine though.

WIREDPHONES JACKSON steps out of the deed poll office.

WIREDPHONES: Alrighty, I feel great! (looks to the viewer) I just changed my name by deed poll to reflect the passion I have for Jackson Browne! (starts singing) THEEEEEEEEESE DAAAAAAYYYYYYSSSSS! Hee-hee SHAMOONNE

WIREDPHONES is skipping jauntily down to the train station and he boards his train. All the seats are taken so he stands next to a shady looking character called AIRPODS LINCOLN

AIRPODS: Oh hey I saw you at the deed poll office! Ha! I was changing my name too. I wanted to reflect one of my all time great passions - the actor Andrew Lincoln! I do a great impression of him - listen. Ha! “Oh hell, all these dead are WALKING now!? HEE HEE SHAMOOONE”

WIREDPHONES: Wow I bet we’ll have a lot to talk about, pal

AIRPODS: No actually I’m a brutally honest guy and I know intuitively that the conversation has dried up. I’m going to listen to some Ted Nugent on my wireless headphones. Do you have wireless headphones

WIREDPHONES: Oh no! I got WIRED headphones so yeah I’ll be jackin’ it.

AIRPODS is already listening to his Ted Nugent on his wireless headphones so he can’t hear what WIREDPHONES said

AIRPODS: What’s that? I can’t hear you over Ted Nugent. And I’m frightened to pause it


He’s rustling in his pocket trying to fish out his wired earphones. They’re in there somewhere… the railway police dickheads are looking in anger and disgust…

Believe it or not, they throw WIREDPHONES off at the next stop!

WIREDPHONES: Cancelled by big tech what’s this country coming to


Getting ride of the audio jack is such horrible anti consumer behaviour it should have been mandated against by the EU. It is ableist bollocks and should not be allowed.


Bluetooth works most of the time but it’s inconsistent and irritating as fuck when it doesn’t work properly and I can’t work out why

therefore I refuse to to use bluetooth

I’m not a luddite, the tech simply isn’t good enough yet

maybe when I have a phone that’s not old and slow and shit it’ll work better?

but like fuck I’m upgrading until my current phone fully dies (probably at a terribly inconvenient time)

Isn’t it something to do with making phones more waterproof or have I totally misremembered that? Like the headphone jack means you’ll never be able to save your phone after dropping it in the washing up?

Its to make the phones slimmer / keep the real estate free.

Ah ok