One Track Listening Party

As a bit if a sister project to the Album Listening Party Thread, I’m going to try a One Track Listening Club, whereby only one track is listened to, at the same time and real time comments are welcome.

Anyone is free to do this, but let me do the first one please. Needn’t be an actual Single, an album track is fine. the lesser known perhaps the better, but no real rules.

So, to kick this off, tonight, Saturday, 5th November, 9pm U.K. Time we will have Thin Lizzy - The Hero And The Madman, from the album Vagabonds Of The Western World (1973). see you there, there may be fireworks…



Singing the thread title to the tune of


Reminder for 9pm tonight. Thin Lizzy - The Hero and the Madman.

Just the one song.

The Hero and the Madman

Just me isn’t it :crazy_face:

Song sets a great broody atmosphere

Dual vocals, so different. Not even sure who the guitarist is.


Then. That guitar. Jeez. Sublime.

Shredding it.

What a guitar run.

Don’t fade.



Oh well.

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can’t believe I’ve been DiSing tonight and missed this thread existing by only a crucial 8 minutes


Great idea. Didn’t see this thread till now though.

You reminded me I never followed up this