One year on


06/10/16, when the old boards were closed shortly after 8pm. We never got to update the 8pm to 8:59pm thread that night.

There’ll be a moment’s silence at 11am this morning to remember.


Can you post a reminder in the ‘This is the 11am to 11:59am thread’ please?

Thank you.

Yours solemnly,



ohgood never made it did he?


Or royter, or umlaut



or them. I was just looking at that screen.


I might just post hourly links in here.

This was the 10am to 10:59 am thread:


puts hand on zxcvbnm’s shoulder

You and he were buddies, weren’t you?


Early draft David Nicholls book…


Well we were never that close. I just can’t bear to think of him cold and alone without a friend in the world. Royter on the other hand…


Can’t believe it’s been 1 year since them slags closed the old boards it still freaks my nut out to this day.



This was the 11am to 11:59am thread: