Oneohtrix Point Never


Cracking album cover



Debating whether or not to pre-order it with the T-shirt. On one hand: OPN shirt with a cool design, on the other hand I can see people asking me why I have a T-shirt that says “BONDAGE” in massive letters on the back of it

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Where’s this preordained? I could do with a BONDAGE shirt

Official opn site, I believe. Links you to a warp store selling t shirt bundles

Excellent. I’ve been rinsing R Plus Seven and Garden Of Delete a fair bit recently. Rifts, too, when I’m up for the challenge.

Been meaning to get into him properly, really liked the few tracks I’ve heard. Where do people recommend starting? That cover is glorious nonsense

R Plus Seven is a pretty good stepping on point I think. Right mix of ambient and glitchy arpeggio crazy.

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Very tempted by this event. Not seen him do his thing live ever.

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Replica was the one that first really got me interested. It’s kind of between the two periods of his work (the earlier synthier stuff, and the more formally experimental later stuff); the very choppy style of sampling kind of reminds me of (what I’ve heard of) My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts.

The title track, as well, is one of my favourite things he’s ever done.

In addition, though Rifts is an absolute beast of a release (whether you get the two disc or three disc, it’s massive), the constituent EPs / mini-albums are nicely compact and all available to listen to on Bandcamp, which is how I got into OPN’s stuff in a big way (Russian Mind is my personal favourite of those).

returnal was the one for me, blissed out synthscapes except for the first track which is grinding white noise. its great. not really what he does these days tho, which is more patchwork sampling stuff, mad as a box of frogs

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Still never listened to Returnal (as much as I love both the title track and ‘Ouroboros’)

give it a go, its my favourite i think


R + 7 for me
Love that album!

I love Rifts, Returnal & R+7. Not listened to Garden of Delete or any of his soundtrack stuff though. That be my plan for today

100% with ya on this. Do like his more recent stuff a lot too, but Returnal was one of those albums which sounded like nothing else out there.

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New track out…


Apparently influenced by the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (Uni of Warwick - involving people like Mark Fisher, Kode9 back in the day I believe). Which is a vindication bc I was quite fascinated by that as well

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Think I mentioned in the most recent albums you would rate 10/10 that I reckon Gardens Of Delete is a 10/10 album…

Probably not the best starting point (personally I would recommend Replica) but an absolute belter of an album. Maybe a bonus point for the fact that the thinly veiled point blank refuses to listen to it :+1:

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Is this partly due to the opening track of weirdly processed robotic crying noises? Cause if I have the album on with passengers in the car, I’m usually poised to skip that one just so no-one thinks I’m a murderer