Oneohtrix Point Never

Partly yes as the first time we heard it was together so I was unprepared, but also she does finds the whole thing too abrasive. She likes Replica though :+1:

Third time listening and my god that synth in the secobd half or whatever is so good

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this track is simply incredible. maybe the best things he’s done to date.

so so hyped now for the new album

The CCRU and accelerationism and stuff is properly interesting, really inspiring how far they were trying to push (though I reckon Fisher’s best stuff came later, accelerationism was improved massively by Srnicek and Williams, and the whole thing was ruined by Nick Fucking Land), really excited to see what the rest of the album is influenced by too

Helps that the track is well good, as is Replica, so thanks for that!

I’m hoping it’s not too conceptually heavy on the accelerationism stuff simply bc the album I’m two thirds finished that is (very loosely) based on (my dumb person’s interpretation of) it will seem like I’m being a big smelly copycat


He’s tweeted that apparently he’s just been told that he released Black Snow on the 32nd anniversary of Chernobyl…


enjoyed my first listen of this today

Finally got around to spending some time with Age Of. Some beautiful moments throughout the record. Toys 2 is a particular favourite. Definitely want to hear more harpischord in 2018! All in all,
very excited for his Barbican show.

How are people finding this? Really works in the autumn for me.

And holy shit this track…

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Haven’t listened to this for a couple of months - going to give it another spin this morning :+1:

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So yeah, this is pretty lovely throughout isn’t it…

Seeing as it’s mentioned up ^there, the double whammy of Toys 2 and Black Snow totally anchor the middle of the album. Toys 2 feels like it should be soundtracking some moody neon-lit rainy street in a late 80s/early 90s movie :+1:

Only worry with this album is that the vocoder vocals might date it in the future :thinking:



Inspired by this thread I picked this up today along with GoGo Penguin’s latest at Aberdeen HMV. Currently waiting for my increasingly delayed departure back to Norwich. Meanwhile, back to Low’s latest, which readers of this thread would probably get on well with.

Incidentally, although the standard cover for this album is pretty great in itself the vinyl sleeve takes it to another level :+1:


New EP next month

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mmmm with Ryuichi, must listen.

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this is great!