OnePlus 3 Friendship Gang


Today I leave your loving bosom as I have knelt on and cracked my screen (rice will not solve this). Farewell and go on without me.

Sad, sad day.

What are you getting? My battery life has gone to shit so we can maybe form a new friendship gang?

Told you he was finished.

Huawei P20 Pro… back in the contact game.

My plan is to never have the same brand of phone twice.

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They will make documentaries for Netflix about you


I’ve gone off Huawei after I got one of their Honor things and it didn’t last a year before hardware buttons stopped working. Annoying.

I was hoping for a Guardian article ‘What I learnt by never having the same brand of phone twice’.


I’ll get a OnePlus 6 soon

how much quids a month?

fed up with my shit moto whatever the fuck. battery life is incredible but literally everything else is bullshit.

I’d tweet a screenshot of that accompanied with a screenshot of there “While you’re here please pay us for our hard hitting journalism” thing for 3 likes and 0 RTs

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I’m still in the gang.

I’ll write po-faced “Balonz never had the same brand twice, but what does that say about US as a SOCIETY” follow up think piece.

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gbophones, the oneplus lads

I’d be legitimately interested to read that so would bench the bit

£33, no upfront for unlimited and 20gb.

I need a new phone. was going to get a moto g6 but have been waiting on this new nokia one coming out that looks alright. no idea which one’s better.


@1000YearBanFFS wrote an article, and @Antpocalypsenow was there for it.

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I’m going to miss you, big guy.

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I spend £5 a month on my phone

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My MotoG4 battery is starting to be crap, and replacing it looks like a right ballache. It’s annoying, because everything else works fine on it.

Weirdly, the G4 is still coming out as the best reviewed budget phone around, about three years after I got it.