Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Yeah he’s gone. One year left on his contract so not much leverage either.

Signing Sanchez was such a shit call


There’s a one year extension clause on the contract.

Would be much more gutted if it was Rashford tbh, Martial has all the ability in the world but I’m not necessarily convinced he’s got the drive to fulfill his potential (this will obviously come back to bite me in the bottom)


You filthpot


So glad I don’t need to pretend not to hate Oxlade Chamberlain anymore. Such a private school twat.


Feel like he was already pretty close in the first half of the season? At least to showing the kind of progression that a player of his age would be expected to. Was certainly playing at a much higher level than Sanchez too


He started well but he and Rashford were basically alternating coming on as impact subs and doing well in games, neither of them were playing well from the start of games.


Isn’t that more to do with the Man United curse that turns all exciting attacking players into stodge merchants


Premier League fixtures are out in 2 mins…



Arsenal City on day one! Ooft!


Man Utd away on the first day. Fan fucking tastic.


And then Arsenal away at Chelsea! Ooft!


Arsenal away, Liverpool away and Spurs away in the first ten games.

Seems fair.


Chelsea away from home on Boxing Day for the first time in living memory. Which is good. Games against nearly all the main title contenders at home in the first half of the season and away in the second. Not so good.


Seems that the fixtures have transpired once again to make it difficult for my team


Ffs, Leicester away while I’m on holiday. Reckon my Leicester mates could’ve sorted some tickets for that.


I’d see that as a positive. Recent history’s shown it’s better to hit the ground running.


Also, why doesn’t it just say ‘Week 1, Week 2, etc’ for now, rather than Saturday 1500 when in reality there is only going to be 1 or 2 games that are Sat 3pm.


I think you’d have to strongly fancy Manchester United based on those fixtures.


that’s quite a nice start and finish for Liverpool

First 4:
West Ham

Last 4: