Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Roma are going to be gutted. Damien Delaney has signed for Cork City. @Kallgeese

I’ve a lot of time for Damien he always gave his all. I think Cork are his hometown club too.


I’d bloody love a jawline like that.


Aw yissssss!



There right good sports that Roma lot. They’re hiding their disappointment incredibly well.


Kane signs a 6 year contract then. Reportedly breaking the wage structure too.


The wage structure is represented by sabu


Or is the table the wage structure, and sabu is his new contract?


I think in this scenario you are the bald man, the chap with the long hair is a wrestling reference and the table is people in this thread who don’t follow wrestling.


Jabronie marks




It’s a pretty simple joke pal


Yeah I just don’t know who Sabu is.


He’s yer man going through the table


No werestling talk you fucking dorks


You see, the wrestler is also named ‘kane’


Ohhh, named after my favourite Chelsea right-back! I get it now!


Titus is the people coming into this thread and not getting a wrestling reference. The ring is the reference



Stop it now.


Christ the football threads are hard work.