Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Apparently pricing everyone out of a move for Darmian as well which I am considerably more annoyed about tbh…


Meh. Ignore all offers then sell him to some desperate premier league chump for 25m on deadline day. Optimum solution rather than taking the first lowball thrown at us by an Italian club


AC Milan BANNED from the Europa League (for a year) for an FFP violation.


Hey antpoc what’s the new FM news?


No news to report beyond the launch of our FMDB app.


I have downloaded it!!!

I looked up my favourite player and then closed it.

Who else should I look up?


Maybe you can use it to scout some of those potential new signings for Wigan FC!


I fucking well will and all!


Moneybags Bornemouth paying £16m for a League One winger.



Fellaini and Lee Grant in the same week!


This could be HUGE


He played 114 games for us, somehow. I’ve forgotten about him quicker than Diego Penny, and everyone’s favourite emergency keeper of a certain age, Barry Siddall


Is this DB part of a move (or maybe it’s already happened) to split the FM game engine from the DB so that updates can be applied entirely separately? Presumably it could lead to people developing their own game engines on top of your data?


Nah man, people in football use our data so we’re just making it more presentable (and mobile) for users as well innit.


Siniša Mihajlović SACKED as Sporting manager nine days into the job. It’s all going extremely well over there…


Fulham are rumoured to be signing edis smajic from sloboda tuzla (top, top player), but more importantly it looks like cairney and Sessegnon are signing new deals



Bet they told him over the phone.



He’s in the top-10 scariest bastards alive IMO


Europa League preliminary round kicks off tonight lads, the new season’s underway!


One match already played on Tuesday. CLUB FOOTIE IS BACK!