Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



If we sign Matt Ritchie again I’m going to support Poole town or something. Absolutely ridiculous how many ex average players we re-sign.


I mean this was a post about all the horrible abuse he’s received, rather than the tiresome debates about his talent, but fine…focus on the latter

I apologise for the combative style of this post. Stand by the point, though.


I think in this latest episode of combative, following me around the boards replies I do concede that it wasn’t the place for me to talk about Ozil’s merits as a footballer when he has clearly suffered some inexcusable racist abuse. Was innapropriate.


:slight_smile: yeah not for one minute did I think it was anything other than bad timing

Also don’t think I’ve replied to you in some time. No beef here


Is the Ritchie/King swap still being touted?


King + £8-£10m is the story doing the rounds.


Pretty certain it’s safe to dismiss anything you say about Bournemouth.


Got a touch of ‘yer uncles stag for his 2nd marriage’ with this.


bugduv is a personal friend of joshua king, mate.


whats pellegrini got hiding under his shirt?


It’s the only way he can keep his original transfer budget from being taken back by Sullivan and Gold.


Could someone who knows Portuguese football please confirm that the lads Forest have signed are world beaters? Can’t say I’ve heard of any of them tbh.


Probably not. Wolves have got all the good ones.


That’s what scares me! We are paying 15m for one of them. It’s very exciting… but, it’s forest. Can see it all being very embarrassing. I read that Mendes has made over 5m from the deals already completed and he isn’t finished.


Seems a bit Sven at Notts County tbh, but maybe im being a massive pessimist


Thanks for reminding me about that! Big Sol turning out about eight stone over weight. Glorious.


Went to the pre season game vs forest. The excitement was palpable


To be fair, when it all started at the Wolves a couple of years ago I thought it was going to go a bit Leeds…

Has all turned out well so far though…


we are still paying Micah Richards


Salah’s signed a new five year contract, no release clause :heart_eyes: